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Slow Draining Disposal

If your garbage disposal is not draining properly, first make sure you’ve allowed it enough time to clear properly.  If that isn’t the cause then you’ll need to check for a clogged drain.

Never reach your arm into the disposal! 

Unscrew the bolts connecting the discharge pipe to the disposal.  Disconnect the drain tap and remove the trap and discharge drainpipe.  Check to make sure the trap and discharge pipe are clear of blockages.  If they are clear of clogs then you will find the obstruction in the line going into the wall or in the pipe beyond.  Use and auger to clear any blockages beyond the discharge drain pipe.

To avoid further blockages here are some helpful hints.  Regularly grind up ice cubes and lemon alternately.  You can also use lemon or orange juice with hot water to help eliminate odors.  Avoid grinding coffee grounds and egg shells.  Also avoid potato peelings as they will turn into a starchy mass and will clog your drain.  Do not use chemical drain cleaners as this will only damage the garbage disposal and will probably not clear the blockage.

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