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Plugged Toilet

If you have a plugged toilet you want to be sure to first try to plunge it.  Make sure you are using a flanged plunger, also called a ball plunger.  A cup plunger has a flat surface, which is good for sinks and tubs, but will lose suction on a toilet.  Place the cup of the flanged plunger over the toilet drain outlet opening.  Plunge up and down vigorously.  This may need to be repeated.  If this does not work, try using a closet auger, also called a toilet auger.

To use a closet auger, first determine which way your toilet drains (either to the front or to the rear).  Whichever direction your toilet drains, that is the way you want the curved end of the auger handle to face.  Leave about 3 – 6 inches of cable between the end of the curved handle pipe and the drain hole and tighten the set screw.  Making sure never to force the cable (or you may break the porcelain) push the flexible cable forward while turning the crank clockwise.  If you feel like something has grabbed or you feel like the clog has broken pull it out and check.  After breaking the clog use the plunger again.  Flush the toilet once you are sure it’s ok.  To be sure the clog is drained pour some water into the toilet from a bucket.  If the water drains out then you’ve cleared the drain.  Only flush the toilet once you are sure it is ok.

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