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Low Water Pressure at Faucet

A plugged aerator most commonly causes low water pressure at the faucet.  The aerator is a cap on the end of the spout that is used to regulate the flow of water coming out of the faucet.  These can become plugged with calcium and lime deposits or hard water scale.  Be sure that the water pressure from your hot and cold tap is equally low.  This ensures that the issue is with the aerator.  To fix this problem simply unscrew the aerator from your faucet and replace with a new one.   You can also try removing the scale by soaking the aerator in vinegar periodically. When shopping for a new aerator it is best to take your old one with you.
If the aerator is not the cause, be sure to check that all the water valves leading to the faucet, including the water heater and water meter valves, are wide open.  For those on a well system check for power to your water pump.  If none of these things help it is advisable to contact a licensed plumber.

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