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Clogged Shower Drains

If you find your tub is filling up while you are showering, or that your tub is taking forever to drain, you most likely have a clogged drain.  This is mostly caused by hair and soap scum build up.  If you can see that your drain is full of hair you can simply pull out the blockage.  If you find using your fingers distasteful you can try using a wire hanger or needle nose pliers.  Be careful not to scratch the tub surface if you use any metal tool. 

If there is no visible blockage you can plunge the drain.  Remove the drain cover by loosening the screw in the center, or by using a flat head screwdriver to simply pop off the cover.  Use a cup shaped plunger and stuff a cloth into the overflow.  Fill the tub with a small amount of water and plunge the drain.  If the water doesn’t drain then you may have pushed the blockage farther down the drain.  If attempts at plunging fail then you will need to use a plumber’s auger.

When using a plumber’s auger you may want to protect the surface of your tub by placing a drop cloth in the area where you will be working.  Push the flexible end of the auger into the drain while turning the crank.  Continue pushing until you feel the clog dislodge.  Pull the wire of the auger out of the drain and rise thoroughly with hot water.

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